Walk a mile in your own shoes

I’m still struggling with my future. Unsure of where I should turn next. I was reading through my old posts and found one where I promised to not feel guilt and will be proud of what I am accomplishing. I haven’t been doing very well at that. Then I saw a comment where someone said “show yourself the love and respect you would show anyone else in the same situation”. I needed to see that again.

I consider myself an empathetic person. I often see everyone’s point of view and usually go as far as feeling their pain. Because of this I am generally a very sympathetic person. Recently I have felt abandoned. I feel like I would drop everything to help someone with whatever they needed help with even if I don’t really know them. At the same time….recently… I haven’t felt like many people were willing to do the same thing for me. When I changed majors I was cut off from my previous lifestyle and that included communication with friends. We drifted apart. And pretty soon I talked to practically no one but sweetheart. That’s hard on your self esteem. I need to change my life.

I need to start respecting myself more. I’m not saying I need to stop doing things for others completely. I need to start believing I’m worth others doing things for me. I need to start attempting to see myself and my situation through other’s eyes. If I knew someone who was my age and had fibro and has been through some of the things I have, I would cut them a lot of slack. So why am I not allowing myself some? I deserve some credit. I promise to attempt to change my attitude and start showing myself respect. I know a lot of people struggle with that so I challenge you too. Say no to someone every once in awhile. Give yourself some free time to do something you love. Listen to music for the love of music. Stay up late or see the sun rise. Eat that piece of cake. Laugh. Smile in the mirror. Love yourself again. You are worth it.

New daily challenge: look at myself through someone else’s eyes.


About Callie H

I am a fiance, a best friend, a mouse, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a granddaughter, a niece, a student, a teacher, a music major, an advocate, and least important a Fibromyalgia fighter.
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